Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I lived with my mom and sister but in what was basically the house of the family I used to babysit for with a few modifications. It was still a brownstone, but we had a fancy, multi-level balcony in the back, and in the front we had a crumbling set of granite steps leading from the sidewalk up to the front window, so deteriorated they were almost a sheer drop (this was in addition to the stoop). We had a huge scrubbed-wood island in the kitchen, and the living room was full of slouchy plaid chairs. The whole place was extremely lived-in looking, with kid stuff around even though Soph and I were (I think) in high school. Sister and I also shared a room upstairs, which was totally messy and had flannel bedspreads and books and papers everywhere. It was the kind of house I always wanted as a child.

In the beginning of the dream it was snowing and sister and I were outside, sliding around on the front steps, which were covered in super thick snow. A man came up to us to ask for directions because he was lost and it was Terence McKenna. I'm not sure if we were in New York or Maine, or neither. Terence was walking in the snow, and we asked him to come inside. He ended up (not sure how this happened) out in front playing in the snow with us. Sister was a little young to have any kind of real conversation, but he started asking me about school, and I realized I had already graduated from college, because I started talking about my English degree and expressing doubts about academia. Then we started talking about languages, and I explained that I had taken many (Latin, Japanese, Spanish, Hebrew, German in the dream) but didn't know any. He seemed to think this was a good sign. I was very, very happy because we seemed to be hitting it off, even though I can't really remember anything else we talked about. I was most just honored that he showed interest in me.

Anyway, Terence hung around for a while. After we finished basically pelting each other with snowballs, we went inside and drew pictures together. Sister and I drew one picture together, of the solar system in marker, with the sun wearing sunglasses and each planet labeled in big swirly letters. Terence loved it, and he walked around the kitchen determinedly trying to find a place to hang it up. He finally pinned it to the wall in the hallway leading to the stairs. I knew he especially wanted my mom to see and appreciate it.

He eventually left, but the next night was new years eve and my mom was throwing a big new years party, so he promised to come back. I had the sense that the next night would be even more magical, and cement our budding bond.

In the second part of the dream, it was new years eve and all the guests started arriving. My mom had arranged some kind of intense "tribal"-themed game in which everyone made these offensive costumes out of paper bags/newspaper/feathers/sticks/whatever they could find and then divided into teams of 5 or 6 people. I don't know what the goal was, but I remember looking out the window and they were all in the back yard, discussing strategies. Some of my friends were there, one of them was drawing on a white board while her mom looked on, almost nude and covered in war paint. Relatives were there too. Then my mom's friend Beth arrived and brought with her this guy who was supposedly my cousin, who was in a wheelchair. His very frail body was bent into fetal position, and he didn't have great use of his hands, so I helped carry him inside, where a bunch of people were crowded around watching a science show on a flat-screen tv that had suddenly appeared in the kitchen. My cousin also had a little boy with him, who was some kind of caretaker/friend/sidekick. I set them up in a big comfy chair, and asked if they were hungry, which they were, so I went to get them two pieces of toast on this special strawberry-flavored bread we had. I also wanted to get them some blueberries, but when I opened the bag all the blueberries turned out to be miniature peaches. I tried to separate the two kinds of fruit for ages, but everything kept slipping and falling onto the floor, and lots of the blueberries were rotten or had this weird white mold on.

Finally, I brought them the snack, and then my mom came in and asked me why I wasn't playing. I told her I was waiting for Terence. When she asked who Terence was, I described in the most basic terms, and she freaked out that a celebrity was coming to the party. Suddenly, the game was disbanded, and people came swarming into the house. All these guests lined up against the wall around the front door, many of them whipping out huge cameras to catch a glimpse of the coming "celebrity." I tried to break them up, but no one would listen to me. It was snowing hard now, and I went to get my phone to call Anna, because I suddenly realized that it was her birthday and she was about to be getting out of a body dynamics class so I should call her (it was around 11 pm). I had hoped that I could go out with her after the party, but since Terence wasn't there yet I was obviously at least going to wait for him. I had left my cell phone in the pocket of my snow jacket, and it took me a little while to find my coat in the packed closet. When I found my cell in the pocket for some reason it wasn't working, and I started to get anxious.

Suddenly there was a big commotion by the door and this young-ish, dark haired man walked in, shouting that he was Terence McKenna. All the guests started to scream and take pictures, and I ran over and explained that this man was definitely NOT Terence, disgusted that everyone was throwing a fit over someone they couldn't even recognize. Finally, I decided I should call Terence. I took my cell phone upstairs, where it started working again. Terence answered, and apologized for not coming but that he had forgotten about another commitment so he wouldn't make it. He said he would try and send me a letter. I knew then that I had falsely assumed he was actually interested in me, at least to the point of friendship,. For some reason, I blurted out what was going on with the relatives waiting for him, but trying to make light of it. He didn't say anything, he was just silent. I knew that I shouldn't have said anything. I got off the phone, and checked for messages from Natalie and Anna, but no one had called me even though it was after midnight.

I broke up the party of disappointed viewers by telling them he wasn't coming, and then went outside on the sidewalk. Our house was on a hill, and as I looked down I saw Anna and Natalie trudging up in the snow. Anna was wearing a gaudier version of her pink birthday dress, and Natalie was wearing a green and white polka-dot bathing suit, which was completely see-through and had a kind of flowy train hanging off the butt. I shouted down to them, why the fuck hadn't they called me. One of them yelled back sarcastically that it would have been nice for me to come celebrate with them, and I was even angrier at their assumption that I would call when they'd known I'd had to be at this family party. I also felt extremely stupid at this point for thinking that Terence would show up, and I remember thinking that I wouldn't have been angry at missing Anna's birthday if Terence had been at the party. As it was, I'd just been stood up by everyone.

Anna and Nat came inside, although I was treating them a little coldly, hoping they would apologize for not calling me. I wasn't too angry though, really I just wanted to go out and have a good time and was putting on more of a show of anger than anything else. We went upstairs to my room so I could change. Taped to my door was a note and it was from Brian (another cousin), thanking us for his graduation present, which was apparently (according to his note) a remote-controlled toy mummy that could shoot green ooze. The note was written in marker on a folded piece of computer paper, and it was full of sex jokes. I threw it onto my sister's bed, pissed off because of course I'd thought it might be from Terence.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When I Flooded Camp

I've only had one actual Dream Journal and unfortunately there are only 5 dreams in it, because I got irritated when the bewilderingly perforated pages kept falling out. Yesterday I found it collecting dust in the back of my closet, and this is my favorite entry, dated March 22, 2003:

First, I was at a play where Alan Rickman was signing autographs. I got one, but my dog ate it. Then I was at some kind of summer camp. It was all very flat and in the center was a hill with a main house, which was a very tall, multi-level, pagoda-like structure. Each level had a wrap-around balcony.

When I got to camp, I found that Alan Rickman was my counselor, and he was very upset because he had to share a tent with 6 other counselors. He was also angry because the new main camp house had been built directly over a freshwater spring that had been there when he was a camper. He showed me two spigots under the building, a red one and a black one. He turned the handle of the black spigot, and nothing happened. Then he turned the handle of the red one and a little burbling spring rose out of the ground (not out of the spigot). When he turned it off the water disappeared.

I went back later and, intending to help him, I turned on both spigots. Water started spurting out. Cabins began to flood, but I couldn't turn off the red spigot. We all had to go to the balcony of the camp house and watch as camp disappeared underwater. The camp director was very upset--somehow he knew I was the culprit. Then I had to walk around school and apologize to everyone for flooding summer camp.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A dream from a while ago

This is in response to Dasher's latest post. It's an old dream and a little fuzzy.

As a freshman or sophomore in high school, I had a dream that Joyce Li asked me to bring her some Legos the next day at school. I don't remember which Legos they were, but they were very specific and rare pieces which I happened to have, I think parts of an alien space ship or something. When I woke up the next morning, I had a vague memory of this and frantically searched for those pieces in my gigantic Lego tub, put them in a ziplock bag, and brought them to school. It took me until I caught up with Joyce to give her the Legos that I realized she had looked a little different in the dream, and – Aha! – that it had in fact been a dream. I made no mention of the Legos and smiled an awkward "Hello" instead.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last night I dreamed that I opened the fridge and saw a carton of eggs hidden away behind their usual storage spot. I didn't know it was a dream until this morning when I fancied an omelet and looked for the eggs in that spot. They weren't there because no one bought eggs this weekend. That's when I realized that I only have two kinds of dreams-- the incredibly twisted type or the unbearably boring ones--neither of which should really be shared. It's probably why I haven't posted on here until now. That or the fact that my dad's definition of a nightcap is half a glass of Scotch, and I can't really drink whiskey without rambling in one medium or another.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A brief one that only Natalie can relate to:

I dreamt that I was going up the escalators at Hunter and as the third floor came into view,  I saw a random stranger and thought to myself: "this guy has pneumonia." As I walked past more strangers, I had the ability to distinguish those who had been previously diagnosed with pneumonia.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shigeru Miyamoto

I stepped into a stairwell and a series of portals appeared before me, all leading to various locations in Bellingham, Washington. I've never been there, so my mental image was really janky. I went through one and walked down a road, with an electric post on my lefthand side. After about a mile, I found Nintendo's headquarters, which was a building surrounded by a moat and huge vegetable gardens.

I checked out the area and dove into the moat, gathering golden coins (arranged in a circle on an underwater platform, of course). Though I tried to take a nap in a secluded corner of the garden (it was evening), Shigeru Miyamoto kicked me out. I remember thinking that he was cool, but an asshole.

I went back to the stairwell and got my friend Margie, who's from Bellingham, to walk through another portal with me. We couldn't find Nintendo, so we ended up at my friend Andrew's house (he actually lives in that town too). After distracting Margie, Andrew and I started having sex (?!). Luckily, I woke up.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lucid dream failure

After returning home from a very long day involving a very long bike trip, I showered and plopped into bed. Within a few minutes of closing my eyes I was in a white hallway of a house with a small flying lizard creature with sparse blue, red, and yellow feathers. I furrowed my brow and thought deeply about the situation. This was probably not real. At that moment I realized I was in a dream, and since I knew I was in a dream, I could take control and do whatever I wanted. This was very exciting.

My first order of business was to investigate the lizard. I reached into my pocket and got a piece of maple candy to feed to it. The lizard was very disturbed by this and tried to fly away, slamming into the walls. I sprinted after it so it would not escape into the living room. It was now shrieking in a tone slightly deeper than one might expect from such a small lizard creature.

In one final leap I brought my hands together around it, but just as I was about guffaw in victory, the lizard turned into a thick purple cloud. I woke up.